Lessons from childhood

When I was aonce upon little girl I used to really love to write. I would spend hours at my desk penning poems, dreaming of writing a best selling novel or simply writing letters to my many pen friends across the world.  But now in the big world of adulthood this simple pleasure seems to be almost redundant. Everything these days seems to revolve around instant response and in an age of email, snapchat and facetime there appears to be little place for snail mail.

Blue Peter

One of my other childhood loves was being creative and replicating all those sticky backed plastic and toilet roll based projects seen on Blue Peter (hence the name of my blog). In a funny sort of way I don’t think I ever lost this creative streak and even as a forty something year old I have reverted back to my love of all things arty. A few years ago I opened a local yarn store based in the beautiful market town of Hexham in Northumberland and my aim on this site is to share my creative ideas and give you a little peek into my colour filled world.

I particularly like to knit and crochet and spend many hours playing around with colour wheels and creating new designs. I also love cats and drink lots of tea!

ColoursAs we get to know each other a little more I’ll show you around my studio, my shop, my home and show you all the things that make me smile. I’m an enthusiastic crafter who is exceptionally gifted when it comes to starting things but less good at completing them.  I’m happiest working in this way however as I can just pick up the project that I fancy and little by little I’m able to say, “and here’s one I made earlier…”

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to seeing you again very soon. Much love. ❤ xx